Dentist Training Program

Our two goals with this program are?to provide the training and education that is necessary for dental staff [dentists, CDA?s, and administrative staff] to incorporate dental implant treatment into their practice, and to support Vancouver MaxiCourse and Implant Continuum dentists with training for their staff, to better incorporate what is learned at our programs.

Course Description:

Every successful dentist is supported by a successful team. Providing your team with comprehensive implant training will give them the confidence they need, as you become involved in this exciting field of dentistry.

Our implant program for staff will prepare your team members with patient communication tools and provide them with a thorough understanding of implant procedures. Understanding how to discuss implants with patients, and being prepared, can make the difference in case acceptance.

Tuition: $699 (for each attendee)

In this comprehensive program, we will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of dental implants
  • Benefits of dental implants
  • Treatment options
  • Case presentation
  • Patient communication
  • Sterilization and Operatory Set-up
  • Radiography
  • Pre /Post ? Op Considerations
  • Hands-on session with components
  • Live demonstration surgeries
?For more information, call us at: 1-888-686-1452